How to reset your password

You can use self-service to reset your password if you have forgotten it. Verified information from your Optum ID profile is used to confirm your identity.

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How to reset a forgotten password




Select Forgot password.


Enter your Email address or Optum ID.

Tip: If you don't have a verified email address, you may be asked for other verified information from your profile.


Select Next.


On the Reset Password: Verify your identity page, select the recovery option you want to use:

  • To verify your identity by email:

    • Select Email.

      Tip: Part of the email address is displayed.

      Select Next.

    • Enter the Verification code.

    • Select Next.

    Tip: You can have both a primary and secondary email address in your profile.

  • To verify your identity by text message:

    • Select Text message.
    • Tip: The last four digits of the phone number are displayed.

    • Select Next.

    • Select Next to confirm that you are opting to receive a text.

    • Enter the Verification code.

    • Select Next.

  • To verify your identity by answering your security questions:

    • Select Security questions.
    • Enter the answers to the displayed security questions.
    • Select Next.
  • To verify your identity by phone call:

      Select Call Me.

    • Select Next.

    • Select Next to confirm that you are opting to receive a phone call.

    • Answer the phone and confirm that you want to receive the call from Optum.

      Use the keypad on the phone to enter the verification code.


Enter your New password.


Enter your password again in the Type password again field.


Select Next.


You can now sign in to Optum ID:

  • Type your Optum ID or registered email address in the Optum ID or email address field.

  • Type your Password.

  • Tip: To display the characters you type, click the icon. Click the icon to mask the characters with asterisks.

  • Select Sign In.

Note: If you have recently been granted access to additional services, or if a service has been upgraded, you may be asked to provide additional information.

More about valid passwords

Your password must be strong so it is difficult to guess and not a commonly used password. Frequently used passwords can be a security risk. If you enter a frequently used password, the system will prompt you to enter a different password. You also cannot reuse any of your recent passwords.

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